Caught on camera: Man throws bag at judge

CLEVELAND (WEWS/CNN) - A brawl at a Cleveland courthouse sent a judge diving under a desk and police rushing to tackle a suspect charged with a simple misdemeanor.

Defendant June Carson was standing in the middle of the room with a bag in his hand when out of nowhere he threw it toward Judge Marilyn Cassidy.

"The only time I had a concern was when that backpack came at me. I wasn't sure if there was something that was going to come after that. I didn't know if he threw that and was then going to pull a weapon or some other thing," Cassidy said.

President of the Cleveland Patrolmen's Society, Steve Loomis, and many other officers in the courtroom at the time were there for a later hearing and acted quickly when the incident happened.

"As soon as I see him make his way, I thought he was coming toward the bench, I came over here and in a matter of a few seconds, I was on the ground with the gentleman," Bailiff Jason Beyer said.

After Carson was secured and cuffed, the officers took him right out of the courtroom.

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