Folly Beach suffers more erosion after Irene

FOLLY BEACH, SC (WCSC) - The calm after the storm is something many surfers on Folly Beach were not hoping for.

"It's nothing, the waves are gone. No signs of the hurricane and it's a pity. We live for the hurricanes," one surfer said Saturday.

A few waves were left Saturday, but nothing to write home about according to one surfer.

"Eh, they're too small, too small," he said.

You couldn't even tell a storm blew through by looking at the waves, but when you look at the beach, you know something isn't right.

Some parts of Folly Beach that were once covered with sand are now nothing but rock. Some locals say they expected it.

"We were out here (Friday) so we saw what was happening and we expected it to look like this," a Folly Beach resident said.

It was more than Hurricane Irene's fury that caused erosion and damage on Folly Beach.

"The combination of the high tide and the full moon created the situation," said another resident.

For now, beach goers will have to crawl over rock to get to the sand and hope another storm doesn't blow through any time soon.

A beach renourishment program isn't scheduled for another two to three years according to the Army Corps of engineers. The project costs $18 million in federal money.

At the Isle of Palms, the weather was much calmer than Friday's stormy conditions, which say surfers jumping off the pier into rough waters.

There was no damage reported and many visitors say they can't believe the drastic change in weather.

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