Charleston firefighters biking to NYC in remembrance of 9/11

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The 10th anniversary of September 11 is around the corner and in Charleston, three firefighters are doing their part to help remember the victims. More than 40 public safety workers from all over the country are biking from Naples, Fla. to Ground Zero in New York City.

Eighty feet, 80 pedals and 40 people, all have one purpose. They ride to remember.

"You look at that rider in front of you and see those names and whatever pains were going through is nothing compared to what they went through," said Brotherhood Ride founder Jeff Morse.

Over 1,600 miles and 22 days, these men ride to remember the unsung heroes of 9/11.

Morse started the Brotherhood Ride, but 9/11 wasn't the reason he created it, it was the Charleston 9.

"I looked at my wife and said I want to do something besides giving a check, I want to really show them that firefighters and police officers care about what happened that day," he said.

Morse and his team have been making the trip from Naples to Charleston every year since the Sofa Super Store fire. This year they they're going all the way to Ground Zero. They'll end their journey on September 11.

"Everything I do is to honor our nine guys or 9/11, so it was the perfect tie in for me," said David griffin, one of three Charleston firefighters making the trip.

He says the trip is tough, but remembering the men and women who died on that day 10 years ago keeps him going.

"Every day we read off a list of 20 people that were riding or that day," Griffin said. "We remember them when its pouring down rain and were having a hard time pedaling."

Griffin says it's the people he meets along the way that make the trip worthwhile.

"There's a guy from FDNY who lost 10 men that day," Griffin said. "He pulls out cards and shows us pictures. When we read off the names he knows at least one of them so he pulls out pictures and tells us what they were like, so it's good to put a name with a face."

These firefighters and police want you to remember 9/11 and the Charleston 9.

"God bless the Charleston 9," Morse said.

The men stop at areas along the East Coast on the way to New York City.  They've been coming to Charleston every year since 2007.

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