Turning Mt. Pleasant traffic woes into something to laugh about

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - The Town of Mount Pleasant is trying to get a laugh out of the major traffic mess along Johnnie Dodds Boulevard. Charleston County's project will widen a three mile stretch of the highway and it scheduled to be complete two years from now. The town hopes to inform drivers and help "humor" businesses who have experienced slower sales.

As you drive down Johnnie Dodds you'll see hundreds of orange cones, concrete barriers, and construction equipment everywhere you look. For a driver, it can be confusing.

"When I get further down the road and I'm traveling around you almost can't see where you're going to end up. It's scary," Mount Pleasant driver Tippy Brickman said.

At the store "From Here to Maternity" owner Amy Lutz says there's been a noticeable slow down in sales since road construction began.

"Probably about 15% since the construction has really gotten intense. I think it's a little bit intimidating for people who are driving by to try to figure out how to go through the whole labyrinth of everything that's out there to try to get into the store," Lutz said.

Now the Town of Mount Pleasant hopes to help business owners by bringing a little humor to the situation.  They will install at least a dozen road signs with funny slogans to let people know businesses are open.

"Your straight transportation improvement project, there's nothing funny about it. In fact due to the inconvenience probably angers some and it was time to add an interesting little twist. We're just hoping that it will increase awareness to our businesses and bring levity to the situation," Mt. Pleasant town administrator Eric DeMoura said.

Businesses hope it will be a good reminder for drivers.

"Humor can make things a little bit better. Hopefully everyone will take all of this in stride and continue to patronize these businesses," Lutz said.

Business owners say people from the Town, road construction company, and Charleston County Roadwise have come in to the shops to check on them and to see if there is anything they can do to help the businesses.

Town of Mount Pleasant road crews installed six of the signs Monday along the Highway 17 construction area. Another six will go up next week. The town spent $2,000 on the signs.

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