County Park on Folly Beach closed indefinitely from damage

Park officials were surveying the damage at the county park on East Ashley Avenue in Folly.  The boardwalks, beach accesses and sand dunes were all washed away.

Debris covered the ground with trees and power lines on the ground.

"The most challenging thing right now is trying to figure out where to begin," said Eric Stewart, the park manager.

The storm surge on Friday from Hurricane Irene washed the entire parking lot away. It even uncovered a septic tank that was buried deep beneath the sand.

"About 75 percent of the park is unusable. The other 25 percent is a shelter that can be rented out for private parties. We will be able to open that this weekend," said Stewart.

Park officials don't know when they will be able to start rebuilding. An insurance adjuster came out on Monday to survey the damage.

Officials said they will start the heavy clean-up Tuesday.

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