Mold turns a Summerville home into a health hazard

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Beverley Rodgers' dream home became more of a health hazard for her family after mold took over in 2004.

"I went into the living room and had eucalyptus with white stuff on it and it was fuzzy and I saw visible mold on the wall paper and tracked it down to the air conditioning vents," Rodgers said.

Rodgers says after having her old air conditioner replaced she found out the speed tap was not set properly causing very high levels of humidity in her home.

Rodgers says along with the high levels of moisture in her home came high levels of mold.

"I had air samples to show me how bad it was and eventually we had to have the house essentially demolished the only thing we kept was the brick, roof and studs," Rodgers said.

Richard Bennett,  an air quality testing technician, says the mold can amplify and moisture will cause it to grow and cause extensive damage to the structure and increase the health effects

Rodgers blames the mold in her home for her son having to have three nasal surgeries and her persistent cough.

"It can cause permanent brain damage and permanent respiratory damage," said Industrial Hygienist Ralph Wilson.

"Mold growth can manifest itself as black,green,or pink and signs of water staining or damage could be a sign that you have hidden mold," Wilson said.

Rodgers says the company she hired to replace her old AC unit denies any wrongdoing.

Rodgers says she had to pay more than $500,00 out of pocket to have her home restored.

"Insurance would not cover the damage due to the fact that someone else was at fault," Rodgers said.

Bennett says although mold can be dangerous for anyone, the most vulnerable are children and the elderly.

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