Man holds burglary suspect at gunpoint while he waits on police

Mark Steven Caddell
Mark Steven Caddell

JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - Phillip Ramsey was sitting at his kitchen table around lunch time on Tuesday when he heard a crash coming from his bedroom.

"I grabbed the phone and dialed 911, then grabbed a gun and headed towards the bedroom,"said Ramsey.

When he got to his bedroom, Ramsey said he saw a man climbing through his window onto his bed. Ramsey said he pointed the gun at the suspect who said he was not armed.  Ramsey's mother was in a near-by bedroom. He said protecting her was the first thing on his mind.

"I didn't know what I was walking into," said Ramsey.

Minutes later, police arrived on the scene and arrested the suspect, 43-year-old Mark Steven Caddell.

According to his rap sheet, Caddell has been arrested three times and convicted of several burglaries as well as violating his probation. According to the police report, Caddell admitted to police that he was trying to find things to steal to help support his drug habit.

"I hope he stays off the streets for a long time," said Ramsey.

Caddell was denied bond at the Charleston County Bond Court.

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