Parents demand traffic light at school intersection

Some parents in Berkeley County said they're afraid to send their kids to school.

They said the intersection in front of Cane Bay High School is dangerous and too many accidents have happened.

"I'm a nervous wreck every day when she leaves," Lynn Toups, mother of a Cane Bay student, said.

Toups' daughter is a senior at Cane Bay High School.

"Our kids are supposed to be our future, and if we don't protect them, they're not going to be," Toups said.

Last year, her daughter was in a car accident in front of the high school.

Toups said she wants to prevent other students from going through the same thing.

She said there are many wrecks in this area, and her goal is to get a traffic light on Highway 176 for cars trying to turn into and out of the school's entrance

"I dropped him off at school the other day and noticed there was an accident in front of the school," Calvin Smith, parent of a Cane Bay student, said.

Smith, along with Toups and other parents, have turned to Facebook.  They've created a page that shows a picture of Tuesday morning's accident that sent a 17-year-old to the hospital.

Parents have signed a petition demanding a traffic light. So far, Toup says there are 130 signatures.

"Sending your kid to school is the last place you send them and think they won't be safe," Smith said.

Smith said he spoke with Cane Bay's principal this week, who told him the DOT had to complete a study of the intersection to determine if a light was needed. He said he was told the study has been completed, and that the hold-up now is funding for the light.

He said he understands the process, but that doesn't keep him from worrying about his son.

"He'll be driving, a new driver, not a lot of experience. As a parent, it's pretty scary," Smith said.