Oakbrook 8th grader charged after beating up classmate, police say

LADSON, SC (WCSC) - Police say an 8th-grade student at Oakbrook Middle School is facing an assault and battery charge after he beat up a classmate two weeks ago.

According to the Summerville Police Department incident report, the beating happened in a classroom at the school located on Old Fort Drive on August 23 just before noon.

The report states that the responding officer arrived at the classroom to find a student bleeding from the mouth with scratches on his cheeks, chin, and neck.  The substitute teacher who reported the incident told officers that one student left his seat, walked across the classroom, and began hitting the victim in the face repeatedly.

The victim told police that the offending student also banged his head against a file cabinet several times.  The substitute teacher also told police that the victim and the other student had "[been having] problems for about a week."

The offending student was suspended from school and released to his mother.

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