Police investigate vandalism at N. Charleston trailer park

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A string of vandalism in a North Charleston mobile home park has left neighbors angry. Reports of up to 15 cars had their tires slashed and were spray painted along with other pieces of property.

It happened Wednesday night at the Hawthorne City Mobile Home Park off Rivers Avenue. Police were out all morning trying to gather information from all the neighbors who were affected.

Stephen Miller was walking his son to the bus stop when something caught his eye.

"When I came back I noticed some streaks on my car, red streaks and to the left side, the tires were both punctured," Miller said.

One by one neighbors came outside to check out their property.

"Some cars had two tires slashed, others had 4. My brother's girlfriend's car had 4 tires slashed and spray painted all the windows in red," said Bessie Grey.

Neighbors say they counted 15 cars with slashed tires and some sheds with obscenities painted on them. Neighbors say they've never had any issues before and didn't expect to be seeing red when they woke up Thursday morning.

The property manager says if police find the suspects and they are residents of the Hawthorne City community they will be evicted.

Due to the number of vandalism, police say it will take a little longer to pinpoint the suspects.

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