James Island offices close, town incorporation efforts continue

JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - The Town of James Island offices  are now closed and the doors will remain locked, as rent on the Camp Road space was only paid through August. Former officials spent the day clearing out and cleaning up and then the doors will be closed to the public. Former Mayor Bill Woolsey and others say they will continue to work to serve the people of the island.

The state Supreme Court ruled the town's incorporation was not valid back in June, essentially dissolving the town as its own municipality. Woolsey says the "Free James Island" campaign has gathered 1500 signatures in support of incorporation, and now they're gathering population and property value figures, and getting a feasibility study done.

"Our concern is to be able to get the information we need from the auditor's office, which I'm confident we'll get, planning and zoning in Charleston County, then we have to get information from the state," former James Island Mayor Bill Woolsey said.

Eventually they hope to get approval from the "Joint Legislative Committee on Municipal Legislation, and then let the voters choose whether or not James Island should incorporate.

There were several people employed on staff at the town and for three of them Friday was their last day. Five people have been transferred to work at Charleston County headquarters.

This is the fourth time the town will attempt to incorporate and if successful the town would be smaller than last time, by about 6,000 people.

Homeowners on James Island are now leaving the unincorporated area to become residents of the City of Charleston in the coming weeks. City officials say last week 41 home owners joined the city and 11 are expected to join next week

The next annexation open house is on September 12th. The drop-in starts at 6 p.m. at the James Island Charter High School cafeteria on Fort Johnson road.

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