Boil water advisory for areas of Dorchester County

DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - On Friday, the Dorchester County Water and Sewer Department issued a Boil Water Advisory for residents of portions of Pepperidge, Windsor Hill and Indigo Palms.

Dorchester County Water and Sewer repaired an 8-inch water line in the area that was completed at 2:30 Friday afternoon. Residents of the affected area will be under a boil water advisory for approximately 48 hours until all test results are received, and will be notified by repeal of boil water advisory door hangers when the advisory is lifted.

Residents in these areas are asked to use bottled water or boil all water that is used for cooking, drinking, and making ice.

Purification involves bringing water to be consumed to a vigorous, rolling boil and then boiled for an additional minute.  Let the water cool, and then pour back and forth between two sanitary containers to add air for improved taste.

For additional information, please view the Water and Sewer Department's page on the Dorchester County website,, or contact their office at 843-832-0075.

Information provided by Dorchester County.