Bat attacks girl in Wal-Mart

(Photo: WCCO/CNN)
(Photo: WCCO/CNN)

NORTH BRANCH, MN (WCCO/CNN) - A 5-year-old is recovering after an unusual run-in with a bat at Wal-Mart. Zoe Zachrison was barely able to move after the attack.

"She was sitting in the child part of the cart, minding her own business," said Zoe's mother, Holley Townley. "The bat flew down the pizza aisle, flew back at us, flew down and landed on her, attacking her and bit her leg."

Zoe had a series of three rabies shots for rabies. Townley said experts considered the bat rabid because bats don't normally bite.

The attack itself was traumatizing, but the vaccinations are causing even more problems.

"[Zoe] had a 103-degree temp and very achy, sore joints, almost as if she were a 90-year-old man," Townley said.

After three trips to the emergency room, Townley asked for Wal-Mart's help to pay medical bills. She says Wal-Mart refused.

"I think Wal-Mart needs to step up and take responsibility for what happened to her," Townley said. "This was their store, their responsibility."

Townley now plans to take her claim to court and is focusing on helping her daughter heal.

"She's scared, refuses to go into stores and doesn't want to leave the house," Townley said.

According to Townley, Wal-Mart claimed they are not responsible for any costs tied to the bat attack. Senior Manger for Media Relations Dianna Gee is calling the bat attack an "unusual and unfortunate incident."

Gee says each store has a claims process for incidents within their stores.

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