With new CofC students on campus, assault suspect still loose

Three assaults happened near the Pitt Street area in downtown Charleston.
Three assaults happened near the Pitt Street area in downtown Charleston.
Sketch of assault suspect
Sketch of assault suspect

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A suspect is still on the loose after two assaults and one sexual assault near the College of Charleston back in February.

Many returning students probably remember the violent attacks on three women that sent the student body into a panic. Two girls were hit in the face and another was sexually assaulted a block off campus. Police released a sketch of the suspect, but no one was ever arrested.

It hasn't been that long since three women were attacked near the college on Pitt and Vanderhorst Streets, but many new college freshmen may not have been warned about the incidents when they arrived on campus this fall.

After using an i-Pad to show students a video that aired on Live 5 News in February following the three assaults happened, four freshmen girls, all from out of state, said they had no idea any assaults had happened.

"Calhoun and Pitt Street. We were like 'Oh,' because we've been around Pitt Street late at night and a couple times she was by herself, so that's not a good thing to think about," said freshman Zoe Kurtz.

The girls moved into dorms three weeks ago and say they walk to most places, even at night.

"I feel safe when I walk around campus because I feel like its closed off, but I mean I should be more aware," said freshman Meah Nisenson.

At freshmen orientation, the college's public safety department talked to students about being safe and what to watch out for, but according to these freshmen, no specific incidents were ever mentioned.

"We didn't know about these specific attacks, but they talked a lot about the need to walk around in groups, and had someone talk about safety, it was definitely emphasized we should be careful," said freshman Meagan Maw.

The Charleston City Police Department is handling the investigation into the assaults. No one has been arrested.

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