Parts of Folly Beach continue to disappear after string of storms

FOLLY BEACH, SC (WCSC) - Power is cut off to some beachfront homes on Folly Beach because of erosion even though Hurricane Katia is well offshore. The storm is still causing riptides and big waves on the beaches, but the constant pounding of the surf is causing more problems.

Parts of Folly beach are disappearing as yet another storm passes by a few hundred miles off the U.S. East Coast this week.

Mother Nature has ripped apart seawalls and residents are worried about more erosion.

"In many places it looks like a giant claw came down and took it down," said one Folly Beach resident.

Hurricane Irene's waves remodeled Folly's beaches. The loss of the dunes is troubling the Folly Beach public safety office.

"Before there were two or three lines of dunes and now in many cases you are lucky to still have one," a resident said.

The dunes were protecting beach front property that is surrounded by less beach every day.

"It's changed a lot since that storm, just that one storm," said one surfer.

Plans are in the works to repair the seawalls, but Folly Beach officials aren't sure how long the approval process will take to start building.

"Those houses now are in substantial jeopardy," said an official with Folly Beach Public Safety.

Residents are now using palm trees, rocks and faith to keep Folly Beach together.

"We know we're taking a risk living on a barrier island, but when you look and see what is here and how beautiful all of this is worth maybe someday losing it because at least we would have had it," a resident said.

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