Local woman remembers Pentagon attack on 9/11

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - On Sept. 11, 2001, the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were hit by terrorists.

Ten years later, people are looking back. A Charleston woman was near the Pentagon when the plane flew over and crashed into the building.

"The smell was so horrific. The thought of those people in there was rough," says Adelle Chellish.

Chellish says most of the memories from 9/11 were a blur. Something she says she's blocked from her mind for many years. Chellish had been in Washington D.C. for four days and was scheduled to fly back to Charleston at 2 p.m.

Her plans changed at 9:03 a.m. when the first plane hit the towers.

"What is going on? What's happening? I couldn't get my mind around that someone was attacking us on our soil," Chellish said.

Soon after the towers were hit, another plane flew into the Pentagon. Chellish was there to see the aftermath locked down in a hotel just a few blocks away.

"I looked out of my room and I could see all of the stuff that was going on," Chellish said. "There were people with guns on the corners, highly secured."

She convinced a hotel worker to take her and 22 others to a near-by bus that was scheduled to head down I-95.

"We paid them money and they took us through parking lots and back ways and got us to the meeting place that was out of that secure area," Chellish said.

All 23 of them made it home 12 hours later. She says now, ten years later, the terrorists aren't what she remembers most.

"Just some of the stories of how heroic people were and how humanity can be so good," Chellish said."People rescuing people even though they knew they may not get out."

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