6-year-old leaves school to visit grandparents

(Photo: KUTV/CNN)
(Photo: KUTV/CNN)

COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, UT (KUTV/CNN) – An elementary is making some major changes after a student walked off during lunchtime and no one noticed.

"I can't believe he went unnoticed for around three hours," said the child's mother, Jennifer Castaneda.

"I thought he was missing, someone kidnapped him," said the child's father, Jesus Castaneda.

It was lunchtime when 6-year-old Dylan Castaneda walked off the playground at Butler Elementary in Cottonwood Heights, UT, and nobody noticed.

"I am very angry," Jennifer Castaneda said. "I am very upset with school officials who should have been watching him."

Dylan headed down a busy boulevard, past several busy intersections and a freeway entrance before arriving at his grandparents' front door.

"I heard from my mom at 3:20 p.m., she sent me a text," Jennifer Castaneda said.

While Dylan showed up at one grandfather's house, his other grandfather was at the school to pick him up, and was told he was not there.

"At that moment, my whole world turned upside down," Jesus Castaneda said. "I had no idea."

Canyons School District Spokesperson Jeff Haney says Dylan is in the French language program, where kids switch classrooms and teachers after lunch. Dylan's second teacher never noticed he was missing.

"We will be having roll call at the beginning of the day and again when the students come back from lunch," Haney said.

"People need to be watching those kids a little more closely," Jennifer Castaneda said. "If they can just wander off the playground like that, I do worry about who could wander in."

When Dylan walked of school grounds, he was on the playground. There were aides at the playground, but apparently none of them noticed.

The school is investigating why those aides did not see him walk away.

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