Baby found floating in Mississippi River

(Photo: WCCO/CNN)
(Photo: WCCO/CNN)

WINONA COUNTY, MN (WCCO/CNN) - Residents are disturbed after the body of a baby girl was found floating in the Mississippi River. A family was out for a boat ride when they discovered the baby in Winona County, MN.

"They were curious so they turned around and came back and took the bag into their boat and discovered a small infant," said Winona County Sheriff David Brand.

Brand said the baby girl was found six miles south of Winona. She was 7 pounds and was only a few days old, he said. Her body had been in the water for about two days.

"No one wants to find an infant ever dead," said activist and resident Jeanne Madtson.

Madtson says the news is heartbreaking. The infant is the fourth baby to be found dead in Southeastern Minnesota since 1999. The previous cases have never been solved, and Madtson says the four-year pattern is disturbing.

'To have another baby found when there's no, to me, there's no reason for it anymore," Madtson said. "There are too many people who want children that can't have children."

Madtson and her husband, Don, organized funeral services for the other babies and even gave them names; they say they will gladly do the same for this little girl.

The couple's daughter, Ann, was stillborn 22 years ago, and Madtson believes in her heart that these children deserve better.

"I guess if you've held a baby who has died, it's really hard to believe someone would throw them in the water," Madtson said.

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