Fiance of SC man arrested for using stun gun at NFL game speaks out

Larry McKelvey
Larry McKelvey

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ (WCSC) - A Moncks Corner man was caught on amateur video of a brawl involving a stun gun at Metlife Stadium in New Jersey on Sunday night.

The incident happened during the New York Jets and Dallas Cowboys game and is raising some eyebrows on security and how a stun gun was brought into a football stadium.

New Jersey State Police arrested and charged 59-year-old Larry McKelvey with felony aggravated assault, felony possession of a stun gun and illegal possession of a weapon after Sunday's incident. McKelvey was released Monday from Bergen County jail on a $22,500 bond.

McKelvey's fiance says she didn't see him with a stun gun.

"I heard the stun gun, before I saw the stun gun," said fiance Gloria Dargin. "I'm not going to lie. I heard the bzzzz, but to see him with a stun gun I didn't see it."

Sunday's football game had been circled on McKelvey and Dargin's calendars for months. The two traveled up to New York to watch the Dallas Cowboys take on the New York Jets at Met Life Stadium.

The game started with the singing of the national anthem, but when the couple didn't stand up, it caused quite a stir with other fans around them.

"We did not stand up, not disrespecting our country, we weren't standing up because of our medical reasons," Dargin said Tuesday.

Dargin says that are they didn't stand up, she heard a man a few seats down cursing. She says she didn't know who he was talking to.

With about four minutes left in the second quarter, things got out of hand. Amateur video shot by a fan and posted on YouTube, shows a stun gun being shot. The video also shows several fans pushing and shoving one another. Dargin said the brawl started after a man wouldn't let her pass by to use the restroom.

"I said 'Sir, excuse me. What's the matter? Why you acting like this?' " Dargin recalled. "I said 'Sir, I need to use the restroom now. I don't know what your problem is.' "

Dargin says one of the men intentionally bumped her to provoke Mckelvey.

"Larry was really protecting me," Dargin said. "When Larry punched him, they went down. I've got bruises on my leg, on the back of my thigh, I got kicked in the head.

Authorities are trying to figure out why McKelvey was carrying a stun gun and how he got it past security.

Dargin says McKelvey normally wears a stun gun.

"He just walked in there, so he didn't really think about it," Dargin said.

MetLife Stadium CEO Mark Lamping said no one was seriously hurt in the incident. There was an increased security presence at the game on the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, including bomb-sniffing dogs checking every car that entered. Fans were also patted down and had their bags checked, typical of game day security.

"Procedures for pat downs established by the NFL and used at every game were in effect at all entry gates," Lamping said in a statement.

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