Mob assaults Ladson mom, daughters with metal pipe, gun

LADSON, SC (WCSC) - A metal pipe and a small gun are just two weapons a woman told deputies a group of people were carrying when they came to her house asking to fight her teenage daughter Monday night.

Dorchester County sheriff's deputies were called out to a home in the Fairlawn neighborhood off Ladson Road after a fight broke out around 6:30 p.m. Deputies and paramedics responded to the 200 block of David Drive.

"My mom was trying to close the door," said Jamie Miller. "It was about [12] people trying to push into the doorway. They grabbed my little sister by her hair and that's when we followed."

According to an incident report, a male knocked on the door and when Miller's mother tried to close the door, another man and 10 females forced their way inside the home. The group then dragged one of the daughters out into the street and began fighting her in the yard.

Miller is the victim's older sister. She says the group started attacking her mother and her younger sisters too.

"My mom was pretty scared. They had my mother at gunpoint."

The incident report says the weapons used included a metal pipe and a small gun.

"This is very painful. After he hit me I got dizzy. When I got to the hospital I had to get six stitches. I got three knots," Miller said.

Deputies say at the incident is being actively investigated, though there have been no arrests and no suspects named at this time.

"My two little sisters got basically the same things, stitches," Miller said. "My mom had to get staples in her head. She was bleeding real bad, and my baby sister, they sprained her wrist."

Miller says it was a large group of people who came to fight, but she and her sisters don't know who they are or why they wanted to fight. She says the group ran off after someone called authorities.

The Miller family say they were treated and released from area hospitals.

Deputies say that residents of the Fairlawn community have voiced concerns of gang violence in the neighborhood, but deputies say there are no organized gangs there.

Deputies have not released any motive in this aggravated assault incident and are actively investigating the case.

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