Students in DD2 will see new letter grades on report cards

DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Some first graders in Dorchester District Two will soon see different letter grades on their report cards.

"Before, they would have letter grades, not knowing the child's average," Erica Fludd, parent of a first grader at Windsor Hill, said.

Fludd said she's in favor of the new grading system that's being considered in some DD2 schools.

She said when she gets her son Jordan's report card, it'll give her a better understanding of how he's doing in the classroom.

"It'll tell you exactly their weak points and give you a chance to work with the child and work on their academic level," Fludd said.

Pat Raynor, a spokesperson for DD2, said seven schools are testing this new grading system on first graders.

Parents at Windsor Hill learned more about it at an open house. Most said it'll take some getting used to, but they're in favor of it.

With the new grading system, the old letters, ABCDF, are out. Instead of an A, students will get an E for excellent. That means students are consistently and independently mastering grade level indicator.

After E comes M which means students are meeting grade level indicator with minimal teacher support.

P means making progress toward meeting the grade level indicator with teacher support.

I means improvement needed.

NA means not assessed.

On the report card, beside each letter, it'll explain in detail the student's strengths and weaknesses.

"I like it. I like it a lot," Robert Cumbee, who's child is a first grader. "I thought it was more in detail, more in depth, and I thought it'd help us help her."

"It's telling us what we need to help them at home," Chale Pringle, parent, said.

Raynor said this new grading system is similar to the one used in Kindergarten in Dorchester District Two.

The new grades will come out on the first report card of this school year.

Raynor said parents will also receive feedback forms to let the school know what they think of the new system.

She said if this pilot program is successful, it could be implemented in other grades throughout DD2 schools.

But she said it could take several months for the school board to make a decision.

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