Parole denied for man convicted of attacking woman

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - A man convicted of a Goose Creek attack will stay behind bars for now. Frederico Reyes was up for parole on Wednesday, just over a year since he assaulted Peggy Kandies who was staying at a friend's trailer in the Sunrise Mobile Home Park.

Kandies says she was upset her attacker could walk free so soon. She says back in April of 2010, Reyes came through the door and jumped on her, trying to rape her.

She believes it was her self defense training that saved her.

"I used Jiu Jitsu to defend myself. When he bit my mouth, I knew I was in serious trouble," Kandies said."So it just instinctly came back to me how to fight and get him off of me."

Reyes is set to get out in December of 2012. Kandies says she is working to make sure he won't be eligible for parole again.

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