Blood donations help save cancer patients

An innocent night out bowling with friends took an unthinkable turn for 22-year-old Megan Yeary of Charleston.

"I had this really weird chest pain and it just kept getting worse through the night," Yeary said.

During a trip to a nearby hospital that evening, Yeary found out she had Hodgkin's lymphoma.

"I actually was diagnosed by the doctor in the emergency room," Yeary said. "Honestly I was so shocked I can remember it didn't really sink in until they told me I was having chemotherapy."

Cancer patients often need blood transfusions during treatment and Yeary came very close to needing one herself.

Facing off with cancer, Yeary realized the big difference a little blood donation can make.

"Just like that it can change direction and you have to stop all your treatment to get a transfusion to allow you to continue treatment," Yeary said.

A year has passed. Now healthy, Yeary shows off her hair pieces as a token of survival.

In days she'll trade those wigs for a wedding ring, as she and her fiance get married.

"This is a test a lot of people don't get," Yeary said. "It's a real life test. So, if he can get through this we can make it through anything."

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