Cats taking over Midlands apartment complex

(Photo: MGN Generic)
(Photo: MGN Generic)

WEST COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Overrun by feral felines, a West Columbia apartment complex has been taken over. Some neighbors say enough is enough, and they need help getting rid of the cats.

Folks at the Cole Apartments in West Columbia say their unwanted four-legged neighbors have been there for years, and so far no one's been able to help. "It's not that I don't like cats, I do," said Robert Harris. "I just don't like umpteen cats and what they cause."
They've been causing headaches, especially for Harris. "You know they come up and urinate between our doors, and you know what cat urine smells like," he said.
In 2008, animal control removed 17 cats from the complex, but they've come back. Apartment management says they're all over the area, and that they've told residents not to feed the animals. "It's more of a humane problem with me, because I always grew up with animals," said Gary George, who says something should be done for the cats' well-being.  

"They don't bother me," commented Mary Teal. "I like 'em. Some of them are pretty cats."
Teal thinks they're fine where they are. "I feel sorry for the cats, because they've got feelings just like us," she said.

"If I go to the dumpster or the mailbox, I run through piles of cat crap and I track it in the house," said Harris. "It's a health problem."
Harris says he'll be calling animal control again to round up what's left.

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