Bishop England remembers Randall Heffron

Heads were bowed and eyes were closed at the Bishop England High School football game Friday night.  A moment of silence and a prayer were given to remember Randall Heffron, a former student who died last weekend from a choking accident in his Wofford College dorm.  Teachers said a lot of students were affected by Heffron's unexpected death.

"Track , football, basketball... a lot of kids knew Randall.  It makes them stop and think about how fragile life can be," said Paul Runey, Bishop England Athletic Director.

Heffron graduated high school in 2010.  He was a tennis player all through high school and also played basketball.  He continued his tennis career at Wofford college.

"You lose touch with them after the kids graduate, but you knew forget them," said Runey.

The visitation for Heffron was held Friday night at Saint Matthews Lutheran Church.  The funeral service is SAturday at 2 P.M.