Residents to rally in opposition of proposed landfill

KINGSTREE (WCSC) - To many of its residents, the small town of Salters is the epitome of peace and quiet. An escape from the noise, traffic and drag of the big city. But for a last few weeks, the quiet town has been in an uproar.

"We're fighting," says Beth Tisdale. "We're fighting a 400,000 ton mega dump."

Tisdale is one of a handful of people who isn't a fan of having a landfill in her backyard if the project gains enough support for approval.

"We don't want it here," says Tisdale. "I don't think we need it here... I don't think we produce enough trash on our own."

In fact, most residents say the 15,000 to 20,000 tons of trash they produce a year wouldn't even fill corner of the large proposed site.

Since March, Williamsburg County has been without a landfill closing its only dump zone in Salters because it wasn't up to code. But now as a 400,000-ton landfill is looming the community still has many unanswered questions from the County Council.

One of the most important questions: Where is the proposed site of the landfill?

Steve Blyth lives in Salters and says the entirety of Williamsburg County has been left in the dark about plans and a staging ground.

"They're doing everything that they can possibly do to get it through without anybody have any say about it," says Blyth, who is referring to the Williamsburg County Council.

But the Chairman of the Council, and County Supervisor Stanley Pasley disagrees with his statement.

'To say this has been a secret," says Pasley. "Is just not factual."

Pasley says the landfill will bring Williamsburg County many more assets than issues. One of those assets is saving money in what he believes is still a very shaky economy.

Pasley says the county is currently shelling out 1.8 million to have their trash hauled away to out of County landfills. That means each year, over the five year contract they signed, residents will pay $110 for trash service per year.

Pasley says with the addition of a landfill in the county, that expense will go away and help residents save more money.

But some in the community who oppose the landfill say the proposal to build anywhere in the county just stinks and they'd gladly pay the trash service if it means no dump site.

"It changes it from a wonderful, quiet community to a dump," says Blyth.

Tuesday night is the last scheduled council meeting before the county needs to notify DHEC of the landfill's location. The council will allow concerned citizens to have their say at the meeting.

People are expected to ask for a "no vote" to any proposed site. That would kill the landfill.

The meeting is at 6 p.m. at the Williamsburg County Complex Auditorium on West Main Street in Kingstree.

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