Auditor: Charleston County tax bills delayed due to computer problems

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Bad news for taxpayers in Charleston County. Your tax bills are not going to be mailed on time.

The county auditor says they are going to be late because of computer problems.

Peggy Moseley says county council members made a big mistake when they signed a contract with a Michigan based company that specializes in software for property tax assessment, appraisal, recording and producing billing data.

She says there are too many glitches that won't allow tax bills to be sent out on time. Moseley says real estate tax bills and personal property tax bills for cars and boats are supposed to be mailed out by the end of this month.

But she says because of problems with the new computer system. She will not mail out incorrect tax bills only to have to fix them later at taxpayer's expense.

County Council Vice Chairman Elliot Summey fired back at the auditor and defended the purchase of the two million dollar system.

Summey says Moseley is holding county tax payers hostage and it may cost them.

"If this reckless behavior by Ms. Moseley continues, she will cost the tax payers of Charleston County a minimum of 300,000 dollars in additional duplicate tax bills," Summey said."I have no choice but to plea with Ms. Moseley and ask her to cooperate with the accessors office and the rest of Charleston County."

In a statement, Moseley quoted Harry Truman's famous line, "The buck stops here."

She said,"Well as much as I hate to say it, the buck stops on the desk of county council, most of whom listened to bad advice."

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