Personal attacks ensue over late tax bills in Charleston County

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A tiff in Charleston County between two leaders has the taxpayer caught in the middle. County tax bills are going out late and because of that County Vice Chairman Elliott Summey says auditor Peggy Moseley is retaliating for personal reasons and should resign if the issue isn't resolved.

"My property certainly has nothing to do with me wanting the best that we can offer for the taxpayer," says Moseley in her defense.

Summey says the county auditor is holding the people of Charleston County hostage and is being reckless.

"Mr. Summey has nothing whatsoever to do with anything that I think about anything really," says Moseley. "And certainly not with my position and my responsibility and the way that I'm going to work for the taxpayer."

Moseley says the problem lies with the County's new $2 million software system that came with enough glitches in it to postpone the bills.

But Moseley says there's she's going to send out tax bills with errors.

"It can affect everything," says the auditor. "Normally when you get a tax bill a lot of people pay it right then. But if they don't have one and they go out later this can affect the cash flow."

This doesn't include how the late bills will affect the tax payer.

"The tax payer has to have enough time to plan for what their bill will be," says Moseley.

Technical service director Donnie Gicomo says the new software's learning curve is apparent but the system should be fixed soon.

"What Mrs. Moseley is talking about is some data errors that we found and they are being fixed as we speak."

Gicomo says once the problem is fixed, the ball is in the auditor's court.

"Its up to the auditors office to make the call whether or not they are going to delay billing," says a hopeful Gicomo, who thinks the problems may be fixed faster than the auditors office expects.

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