Missing girl shows up on couple's doorstep

GREENDALE, WI (WTMJ/CNN) – Mark and Laurie Fischer of Greendale, WI, had just finished watching a 10 p.m. news report about missing 11-year-old Clara Tung when she knocked at their door for help.

"Ten minutes after that, the doorbell rang and I opened the door and there she was, just standing, shivering and you know, it was just unbelievable that she was there and she was safe," Mark Fischer said.

Tung ran away from home after a disagreement with her brother. Greendale police, along with several other departments and dozens of volunteers, searched more than 11 hours for her.

"After she ran away, she got lost and she got confused," said Chief Bob Malasuk. "She didn't know where she was, so her instincts told her to hide in a wooded area."

After 10:30 p.m., Tung rang the Fishers' doorbell.

"She was shivering, she looked cold, sad, and a little frightened," Mark Fischer said. "Of course, going up to a stranger's house at night in the dark and she asked if I knew of a place where she could stay."

Grateful to be able to help the little girl, the Fischers invited Tung in and then called the police.

"I'm just very glad that she was found and you know, very glad that our house looked inviting enough for her to knock on the door," said Laurie Fischer.

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