Deputies serving warrant discover 35 marijuana plants in woods

Katrell Heyward (left), Bernard Green (center), Benjamin Green (right)
Katrell Heyward (left), Bernard Green (center), Benjamin Green (right)

HOLLYWOOD, SC (WCSC) - Deputies serving a warrant discovered 35 marijuana plants in a wooded area in Hollywood on Thursday.

Charleston County Sheriff's office responded to a home on Highway 162 looking for Richard Heyward for two active warrants.

Authorities say they detected the smell of marijuana when they approached the residence and found 54-year-old Benjamin Green and 29-year-old Katrell Heyward sitting on the front porch.

According to an incident report, Green said he was smoking marijuana and threw it away when deputies approached. He also claimed ownership of a 3-foot marijuana plant growing at the rear of the home.

After further investigation, authorities found white plastic buckets, empty packages of plant food, small plant containers and 35 marijuana plants in a wooded area.

Heyward was arrested for manufacturing marijuana.

Green was arrested for manufacturing marijuana and possession with intent to distribute marijuana. Authorities also arrested and charged Bernard Green with simple possession of marijuana and unlawful conduct towards a child because a 5-year-old was in the residence where marijuana was located.

Richard Heyward was not located and still wanted for the two bench warrants. Authorities are continuing the investigation.

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