Rebel flag still flying in historically black Summerville neighborhood

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (AP) - A year after dozens of people protested the flying of the Confederate flag in a historically black South Carolina neighborhood, fences and flagpoles have been raised but the divide over the banner remains.

Dozens protested last October when Annie Chambers Caddell placed a Confederate flag on her porch in Summerville, S.C. Earlier this year, neighbors contributed money to build two solid wooden fences on either side of her property to shield the flag.

Then this summer, Caddell raised a flagpole in her front yard and the Confederate banner can be seen over the fence.

Caddell, a white woman whose ancestors fought for the South, says she's not abandoning her heritage. Patterson James, her black neighbor, says she has a right to fly the flag but he doesn't share her beliefs.

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