DD2 superintendent: SC doesn't need 'No child left behind' law

DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - The superintendent of Dorchester District Two schools spoke out in favor of President Obama's plan to change the "No Child Left Behind" law.

According to the latest state report card, DD2 did not meet adequate yearly progress standards, which every school has to meet under No Child Left Behind. In fact, the state as a whole failed to meet AYP standards.

Obama's plan would give states more flexibility to opt out of the program, which requires public schools to meet targets aimed at making all students proficient in reading and math by 2014.

DD2 superintendent Joseph Pye said he thinks South Carolina would be better off without the law. He said the purpose of the law was needed, but it falls short of its goal of helping all children.

"All children need to be given the opportunity to learn, but all children learn differently. Some learn better and faster than others, and some can't met up to these standards. That doesn't mean we're not trying to teach them," Pye said.

DD2 met 35 out of 37 objectives on the state report card, but because of those two objectives that were not met, the district didn't reach AYP standards.

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