Feud over Confederate flag continues in Summerville

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - A feud among neighbors in Summerville is escalating.

"My intent was not to harm anybody. My intent was to live my life. I love my home, I bought my home, and I'm proud of my heritage," Ann Caddell said in October 2010.

She spoke during a rally held against her and the confederate flag hanging on her home.

Her neighbors in the predominantly black Brownsville community said it represented slavery and racism.

"We're sending a message that we're not going to tolerate someone bringing something negative in our community," Aaron Brown said at the rally.

Caddell fought back, saying the flag represents her southern heritage.

After a year of debating, the issue hasn't gone away.

Caddell declined an interview about the latest events, but her neighbors still have plenty to say.

"To me, it's stupid. Really, it's stupid to be debating over things like that because racism should've quieted down a long time ago," Catherin Heaton, a neighbor, said.

Heaton's view from her front porch is of an argument in progress.

She said after Caddell refused to take down the confederate flag, some people in the community built eight-foot fences to block their view of it.

Then, Caddell put up an even higher flag pole so the flag would still be seen.

That's when the neighbors put up their own flag pole with the American flag. Now, many residents are wondering what they're going to do next.

"Are they going to put a big stripe down the middle of the street? I don't know. I really hope it doesn't evolve anymore, Heaton said.

I believe there are more important issues they need to be worrying about," Larry Glover, neighbor, said.

Legally, Caddell has the right to fly whatever flag she wants to on her property.

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