H.S. student suffers broken nose, chipped teeth after beating

Michael Cole
Michael Cole

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - The Summerville Police Department arrested a 16-year-old boy who is accused of attacking another student at school and leaving the victim with a broken nose, eight stitches and a concussion.

Authorities charged the Summerville High School student with second-degree assault. He has been suspended pending a hearing.

On Wednesday, officers responded to Summerville High School in reference to a physical altercation. When police arrived, they saw 15-year-old Michael Cole being treated for multiple lacerations to his left eye. The nurse told officers that she had contacted the student's family because she felt the student needed medical attention.

Cole said when he arrived at school, the suspect made some threatening comments toward him. A police report states that at the end of the victim's lunch break, the suspect approached him between the courtyard and the library alleyway and immediately started punching him in the face with a closed fist.

The victim said he was hit multiple times in the head, causing him to fall to the ground. Cole said he could not remember what took place after he was beaten, but said that he did not fight back.

"Thinking of everything I've got to lose. Everything I would lose if I fought back. Because I knew it would ruin a lot of things, not just at school but at home," Cole said."It was hard not fighting back, considering that the first blow went to my temple and whatever he had in his hand didn't really help."

Police say surveillance video showed that the suspect stepped from behind the courtyard alleyway, towards the side entrance into the library and began striking the victim for no apparent reason.

"One hit to the temple can really kill somebody and I consider myself somewhat lucky," Cole said. "I'm glad that the guy didn't keep going even though he did take it quite extremely far. He really could have done more damage."

When police took the suspect into custody, the teen became extremely agitated, stating that he had just been playing "slap box" with the victim, a report states. According to police, as they were taking the suspect away, he made loud obscene comments.

Officers say at one point, the teen was trying to pull his hands free from the handcuffs. When an officer tried to tighten the handcuffs, the suspect would not comply and leg restraints were placed on the student due to his actions.

The suspect was released to his mother and suspended indefinitely from school. An expulsion hearing was also set.

The victim suffered eight stitches, a broken nose along with three chipped teeth and a concussion.

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