Nursing student helps deliver sister's baby in kitchen

LEXINGTON, SC (WIS) - He's only 12 days old, but Kendrick Lavon Sligh already has a story that will follow him forever after he entered the world in an unusual place -- the family kitchen. 
Kendrick's mother Kenyatta already had four children, but this one is unique not just because of where he entered the world, but also who welcomed him. 
"I was positioned just like this waiting for the contraction to go, and I never moved because one came right after and I told Raven I think I have to push," recounted Kenyatta Williams. 
And push she did. Williams had her fifth child standing in her kitchen. "It happened so fast," said Williams. "Most of my kids I'm in labor 36 hours, nine hours, 11 hours, I've never had one in an hour with contractions." 
12 days ago, in the middle of the night. her baby boy was coming. She called her sister, Raven Cuilear, to take her to the hospital. "By the time she made it into the room I said 'Ray, his head's out!'" said Williams.
"I told her I wanted to be there when she had the baby, I never told Kenyatta I wanted to deliver the baby!" said Cuilear.
"I'm leaning on the counter, she came running with the jacket, and they're panicking because the head's out," described Williams. "She's telling his daddy to call 911, he's looking at the phone like it's going to dial itself, and the next thing I know he's out!" 
"It's nothing like you see on the Discovery Channel," said Cuilear. "They leave a lot of stuff out!"
Raven did her best to clear the baby's airways and keep him warm, and it just so happens she's in nursing school -- not quite a graduate, but apparently no less qualified to play catch. "It was a home birth and I was Dr. Raven!" she said. 
Raven says the nurses and doctors at Lexington Medical Center gave her a great lesson in post-natal care when they got to the hospital. Today, baby Kendrick and his mother are doing fine.
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