Charleston man's death sentence affirmed by SC Supreme Court

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The death sentence of a Charleston man was affirmed Monday morning. The South Carolina Supreme County affirmed the conviction and death sentence of William Dickerson of Charleston.

A jury convicted Dickerson of first degree murder, kidnapping and criminal sexual conduct in May 2009. Dickerson was found guilty of murdering Gerard Roper in 2006.

Dickerson appealed his sentence on grounds of juror qualification, error in failing to permit cross-examination of blood analysis of the victim, failure to charge accessory after the fact and failure to allow evidence from  the defendant's family on how the potential execution would have on them.

Justice Kaye G. Hearn wrote the decision and Justice Costa M. Pleicones concurred on the lesser offense and proportionality issue.

During trial, the prosecution explained that Dickerson held Roper inside a Fleming Road apartment on James Island for 18 hours as he and accomplices beat, burned and sodomized Roper.

Prosecutors say Dickerson was upset because the victim supposedly slept with his girlfriend.

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