SC economy poised for boost after regaining title as "First in South"

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Florida caused chaos amongst the pecking order of Republican primaries across the country with their decision to move their primary date to January 31. Monday, the state of South Carolina replied. Taking back it's title as "First in the South" by scheduling their primary on January 21 and by doing so, the Palmetto state also solidified an economic boost.

"There's this ripple effect that's very positive for the state economy," says Citadel Political Science professor Scott Buchanan.

"We're a small enough state that the candidates can set up house here for a couple weeks."

During those few weeks, Buchanan says the South Carolina economy will catch fire. Lin Bennett, Charleston GOP Chairwoman, agrees.

"It does promote business in South Carolina," says Bennett. "It's a very important thing."

Bennett says the primary has and will continue to work wonders all over the state.

"They hire our consultants, eat at our restaurants and they stay at our hotels," says Bennett. "People even come out to meet these candidates at coffee houses and restaurants."

But Buchanan says this year may be different  because of Florida's change of date.

"The fact that Florida's now so close," says Buchanan. "You could have some candidates making the strategic decision, 'Alright I'm going to Tallahassee instead of Columbia."

But if history is a strong indicator of what lies ahead for South Carolina, these candidates will not pass up the Palmetto State.

Republican voters have chosen correctly in SC since 1980. For 30 years the winner of the South Carolina primary has been the Republican Presidential nominee.

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