Wall Street protests spread to Charleston

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - From New York City and Boston to Los Angeles and soon Charleston, a national movement is on its way to the streets of the Lowcountry.

Protesters all over the country are speaking out against corporate greed and big government; what they call "the one percent." The national movement is called Occupy Together. Each branch takes on its own name like occupy Wall Street.

Thursday night, Occupy Charleston was born. Over 60 people attended the first meeting and say they want change. Accountability was the theme of Occupy Charleston's first general assembly.

What started as a Facebook group Monday drew over 60 people to Gage Hall. People in the group are demanding accountability from Wall Street and the government.

"They're the reason for the mortgage crisis, they crashed the economy in the first place," said Matt Rabon. "Nobody has gone to jail, nobody has been punished in any way."

The crowd was diverse at the meeting. Adrianna Varedi, a college graduate who is waiting tables to pay off student loans, says she has yet to see the reward from the sacrifices she made.

"There's no reason that we should be basically living in poverty just so we can get an education to make this country a better place," Varedi said.

Thursday night's meeting was a planning phase. Ideas were tossed around about what the group wants to accomplish through peaceful protesting. All discussions led back to that same theme.

"Wall Street and Washington, the confluence of those two things has become completely unaccountable and it's really wrecking our future."

One goal was decided Thursday and that is to raise awareness about how Americans are suffering.

"It needs to be shown, shoved in people's faces what's happening to our society, that people are suffering, and the fact that we're going to do something about it."

Occupy Wall Street was the first of the Occupy Together movements. Protesters in New York City now number in the thousands.

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