Hit by a car, dog finds way home after 2 weeks

(Photo: WHDH/CNN)
(Photo: WHDH/CNN)

NORFOLK, MA (WHDH/CNN) - A Massachusetts family got a surprise when their dog came home after being hit by a car and wandering around for nearly two weeks.

"We're just so psyched to have him home," Dan Warren said.

The 10-year-old dog found his way home without any aid and showed up at the family's back door.

"He was dancing around, like he was really happy to see us, we had tears coming out," Warren said. "It was awesome."

The Warren family, with the help of Norfolk's animal control officer, had been searching for their dog Danny since he went missing Sept. 17.

"Somehow he managed to unlock that gate and took off down the street," Warren said. "Got hit by a pick-up truck and turned and went running into these woods. It was pretty scary."

The family used Facebook and hundreds of fliers to get the word out that their American Bulldog mix had gone missing.

"We definitely had our doubts, but we always kept a bowl of food and water at the back door and the gate cracked open," Warren said.

A veterinarian checkup found Danny had lost about 15 pounds. In addition, the dog was dehydrated and had to have surgery to repair a fracture on his elbow.

"He's doing really well, and we hope to have him for a lot longer," Warren said.

The family is rewarding Danny for coming home by allowing him to nap on the bed.

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