Woman accused of trying to sell baby

(Photo: KYW/CNN)
(Photo: KYW/CNN)

NEW CASTLE COUNTY, DE (KYW/CNN) - A Delaware mother of three is accused of agreeing to sell her newborn son to a friend for $15,000.

Bridget Wismer, 33, denied allegations that she tried to sell her son, Christian..

"I wouldn't just give my baby away and never see him," Wismer said. "I gave him to a friend."

The mother, who is already raising two children, lives with her mother and said she had fallen on hard times. Her friend John Gavaghan, 54, does not have any children and allegedly offered to help his friend out of the situation.

Gavaghan was not available to comment on the case.

"He thought he was doing everything right, everything properly," said Gavaghan's neighbor, Rita Kurgan. "He is the most loving, wonderful person. No child could have a better father."

The New Castle County Police received tips from the community that the pair were working out a deal to sell the child. Investigators have video footage showing the accused signing an agreement to purchase a baby boy.

"There was documentation through surveillance that we were able to link him and her to the sale and purchase of her child," said Cpl. John Welgarz of the New Castle County Police Department.

Wismer maintained that this is all a big misunderstanding and that if she could do things again, she would do them the same way.

The child is now in foster care.

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