5 year old receives 175 stitches after dog attack

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Patrick and Kim Morgan say they're lucky their 5-year-old daughter, Cheyenne, isn't in worse shape after she was attacked by a pit bull Saturday.

Deputies say a "blue" pit bull mother went into a defense mode, protecting her 2-day-old puppies when the attack happened. The Morgans got the call shortly after Cheyenne's aunt picked her up to spend the night.

"The first thing I though was how and whose dog, what dog," said Cheyenne's father, Patrick.

Cheyenne's aunt took her to William Marsh's home where Marsh's pit bull was nursing her new litter.

Deputies say when Cheyenne walked in, the dog went on the offense.

Cheyenne went to the hospital where a plastic surgeon used 175 stitches to close her injuries. Deputies went to Marsh's home to investigate, and found 27 pit bulls on the property.

Patrick says the owner could have kept this from happening.

"The dog should have been locked up in a pen, in a kennel to where she never had an opportunity to do something like this," said Patrick.

Deputies charged Marsh with multiple counts of violating the county's vaccinations ordinance which could cost him $10,000 in fines.

Deputies are now investigating child endangerment charges.

The Morgans were surprised it was a pit bull that attacked Cheyenne. After all, they own one named Onyx.

Sumter County deputies say this case is a lesson for dog owners.

The Morgans hope the cuts heal and fade and the only reminder of the attack becomes just memory.

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