Bike path proposal on Daniel Island

DANIEL ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - A project is now in the works to make Daniel Island a safer place for those who live, work, and attend school on the island. A proposed project would improve connectivity between communities near Clements Ferry Road and island.

For now, crossing two narrow bridges and driving down the two lane Saint Thomas Island Drive and Daniel Island Drive is the best way for some people to get onto Daniel Island. Residents who live near Clements Ferry Road say it's important to have safe access to the island for work, school, shopping, and more.

"We do workout at East Shore Athletic Club, sometimes we'll choose to walk or run or ride our bikes. It can be very harrowing some days, even not in rush hour traffic," Brian Martin said.

Berkeley County Councilman Tim Callanan is heading up a project to add an eight to ten foot bike and pedestrian path to the island.

The path would be about 1.5 miles starting at Fairchild Street, down Daniel Island Drive, cross to bridges, and eventually it would end on Clements Ferry Road.

"We're dividing it up in two phases. It's all about safety, connectivity, and convenience and quite frankly traffic congestion as well," Tim Callanan said.

Right now it's only a proposed project and funding would have to be approved before construction begins.

Jim Poch says now that his children are getting old enough, he'd like them to be able to ride a bicycle onto Daniel Island for the two mile trip to school, but not without the safety of the proposed bike path.

"It's far too dangerous to let them do that. I'd much rather them ride a bike than sit in a car going to school. I think it would be a much better way to do it, save us some gas too," Poch said.

Berkeley County and the City of Charleston have applied for a grant that would help pay for phase one of the project. The projected cost is for both phases is nearly $1 million.

In a separate project by Berkeley County, Charleston City, and the Department of Transportation, a bike path will be added on Clements Ferry Road, from Saint Thomas Island Drive to Jack Primus Road. That is a $20 million dollar project. Crews will break ground on that within a year.

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