Community center at Folly Beach County Park split by erosion

FOLLY BEACH, SC (WCSC) - Half of the parking lot is missing, at least six feet of sand has been removed by the waves and now erosion is claiming a section of the Dunes House at Folly Beach County Park.

Since hurricane Irene up until the last few days of showers and storms, Folly Beach has taken a beating.
A beating so bad it will cost the parks main building half it's size because the structure is sinking.

"It's startling to see it," says Dan Nauman.

Nauman and his wife Penny walk down Folly Beach when they visit a handful of times every year. This year, they say the change they've witnessed to the park is devastating.

"We knew it got washed away because we were planning on coming down after Irene," he says. "But we had no concept it was this much."

Erosion is causing the deck leading to the center's snack shop, to snap, and according to Folly Beach code officials the section has already sunk three feet.

The only thing left to do is remove it.

A scan of the park building further reveals utility pipes that were once 10 feet under ground exposed, half of the parking missing and an air conditioning unit hanging from the side of the house.

A time and date to remove the damaged section of the center has not yet been set.

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