Sheriff: Mother heard cop sexually assault daughter over the phone

Source: Kershaw County Sheriff's Office
Source: Kershaw County Sheriff's Office

Kershaw County Sheriff's investigators arrested a Fairfax police officer for criminal sexual conduct with a child under 11 years of age after the girl's mother said she heard the whole thing over the phone because he pocket dialed her.

36-year-old Nakia Karrien Johnson, a current Fairfax, SC police officer, a former Kershaw County Sheriff's Deputy and a Lee County Sheriff's Deputy was arrested during the early morning hours on October 12.

According to Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews, deputies responded to a call in Cassatt around 10:00 p.m. regarding a sexual assault of an 11-year-old girl that allegedly happened the say before..

The victim's mother told officers that her daughter had gone to the store with Johnson. While the two were gone, the mother of the victim said that Johnson inadvertently dialed her on his cell phone. She said when she answered the phone, she heard a conversation between her daughter and Johnson describing the sexual encounter as it was happening. "I stayed on as long as I could endure the conversation, and I hung up and called back and let him know I heard the entire conversation," the mother told 911.

According to the victim's mother, she repeatedly called Johnson and when he answered, she demanded that he bring her daughter back home. Officers said that when Johnson returned with the young girl, the girl's mother confronted him.

Johnson left and drove back to Fairfax, SC, where he lived. After Kershaw County Sheriff's investigators interviewed the victim, they determined that the assault took place in Lee County and notified the Lee County Sheriff's Department.

Further questioning of the victim revealed that Johnson had been sexually abusing the victim in Kershaw County for several years, officers said. The victim was transported to a medical facility where she was examined by medical personnel and where she provided additional information.

Kershaw County officials said they contacted Chief Marvin Williams of the Fairfax Police Department and advised him of the situation. Chief Williams said he contacted Officer Johnson and instructed him to return to Kershaw County to meet with Kershaw Sheriff's investigators.

Officers said that Johnson returned to Kershaw County, was interviewed by Kershaw and Lee County Sheriff's investigators and was arrested on a Kershaw County warrant charging him with Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Child under 11 Years of Age. "I'm glad we got him off the street," said Sheriff Jim Matthews. "Personally, I'm glad we got him out of a police uniform and into an orange jumpsuit." 

"Criminal sexual conduct against children are in themselves very disturbing crimes. The fact that a police officer, someone who is charged with protecting and serving the public, makes this crime even more disturbing, " said Sheriff Matthews. "I don't believe in coincidences or luck, but this criminal activity would have gone on and on if Johnson had not accidentally dialed the victim's mother who was able to hear what was going on."

Johnson is currently being held at the Kershaw County Detention Center where he is awaiting a bond hearing. Lee County officials have indicated that they will file charges against Johnson for the incident that occurred in Lee County.