$15,000 in merchandise stolen from Citadel Mall kiosk

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - Two kiosks at The Citadel Mall were damaged and one was burglarized of more than $15,000 in merchandise early Wednesday morning.

Charleston police responded to The Citadel Mall around 12:40 a.m. after an alarm was tripped at the Gold Buyers of America kiosk.

Officers found the kiosk damaged with the lower door and alarm ripped from the stand and thrown on the floor. The cabinet was empty and the merchandise had been stolen.

The owner of the stand told police that the safe containing $4,200 in cash and $15,832 in merchandise was missing.

A second kiosk, Mystic Fragrances, was also burglarized. Police found a draw destroyed and the money drawer thrown to the ground next to the stand. It is unknown if any money or merchandise was stolen from Mystic Fragrances.

Police believe the suspect exited through the service entrance on the back side of the mall between JC Pennys and Belk because investigators found a service door left open.

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