Fire Marshall visits students at Harbor View Elementary

JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - The 3rd grade students of Harbor View Elementary got a first hand lesson about fire prevention from Deputy Fire Marshall Rick Anewalt.

Anewalt spoke to students about what to do in case of a fire for different scenarios.  

Key points students learned were to check to see if the door is hot with the back of their hand or if they cannot escape then throw toys out of the window to get the firefighters' attention.  They also learned that every family should have a safe meeting spot outside of the house in case of emergencies.  

It is important that children know their phone number and address in case they call 911.  

Fellow firefighters joined Fire Marshall Anewalt and they demonstrated how fast they put their gear on.  Anewalt then talked about what each piece of equipment did and why it was important.

Many students haven't seen a firefighter in full gear before and Anewalt wanted students to know what it would look and sounded like if they experience a fire and not be scared by the people trying to help.

The presentation ended with students asking questions like what to do if they have pets or what to do if a person catches on fire.  

October is Fire Safety Month and Fire Prevention Week is Oct. 9-15.  Rick Anewalt is making his way to all Charleston city schools to teach students about fire safety.

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