Garage ingenuity rewards 17-year-old Lexington High student

LEXINGTON, SC (WIS) - It can tell a joke. It can give you a hug. It can even drink a glass of water. While this sounds like the beginning of a riddle, let's give you the answer right away: we're talking about a robot.

Lexington High School senior Arjun Aggrawal, 17, created the robot and named it Gnut III.

"I decided why not build an economically efficient humanoid robot, cheap to test robotic algorithms," said Aggrawal.

The robot was built on a budget at near $2,800. It was a low-budget, high-tech idea Aggrawal built in his garage.

"Mom wasn't too happy 'cause the cars couldn't get in there for a year," said Aggrawal.

But mom's okay now, Aggrawal recently received a $25,000 scholarship for being named a Davidson Fellow Scholar. Only 18 students in the county receive the honor.

"It means higher education," said Aggrawal. "It will go straight into my college education fund so I can give back to the community."

As for a future career, Aggrawal would like to combine his love of robotics with medicine to one day design state-of-the-art prosthetics pr program robots who can be caregivers to the elderly.

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