Burglars accidentally dial 911 during crime

(Photo: WPXI/CNN)
(Photo: WPXI/CNN)

PITTSBURGH (WPXI/CNN) - Three burglary suspects were caught in the act after accidentally calling 911 while breaking into a residence.

"It looks like they're breaking into a building," a dispatcher can be heard in the recording between Lawrence County 911 and an unknown cell phone.

The three suspects can be heard in the background, clearly unaware that they had contacted the police.

"You still got to put that one on, shut the door," one of the men can be heard saying. "All we have to do is get the rest of them."

Dispatches pinged the cell and sent police to the New Castle address, where they caught Nikia Goode, Vernon Bundy and John Taylor committing a crime.

Officers aren't sure whose phone called emergency services, but say it was crucial in catching the potential criminals.

The call lasted five minutes, with the men laughing and taking their time getting into the house. None of the men appeared to be aware of what led the police right to them.

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