Charleston set to be 'occupied' for 99 hours

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Brittlebank park is quiet. Eerily quiet. The only activity is from three people who are planning. Planning a 99-hour occupation.

"Words couldn't describe how excited I am," says organizer Matt Rabon. "Just to be a part of this. I'm more proud of this than anything I've done in my entire life.

Rabon says the occupy movement in Charleston is gaining so much support he can't envision anything other than a 99-hour event.

"99 hours is a symbolic period of time," says Rabon. "We're going to be out here in solidarity with 99% of people in our country, and really around the world, that don't have enough say in their government."

Alongside of Rabon, Adrianna Varedi and Amberjade Mwekali have been planning the gathering at Brittlebank park.

"I don't think any of us have slept for more than a couple hours," says Mwekali. "Even when we're sleeping, we're planning."

Discussions, live music, demonstrations and activities will all be a part of the four day event in hopes to attract more people to understand the group's motive.

"We are finally living in a moment right now where people are really speaking up and speaking with one voice," says Rabon. "When we fill this park up with people, everyone's going to get that message."

The group says the focus of the occupation will be on Friday because that's when occupy movements from across the county will also be demonstrating.

"Friday's the big day," says Varedi as she scans the Park with ideas for the event. "That's going to be a day where we really push the amount of events we have going on. We want to see the most supporters Friday."

From Boston to Los Angeles. From New York City to Brittlebank Park in Charleston the occupy movement is growing and the organizers here in the Lowcountry say no matter the turnout they already feel accomplished.

"Even if we have five supporters," says Varedi, "I will be extremely happy."

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