A look back on other protests in Charleston

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - In March of 1969, 400 hospital workers went on a 113-day strike in Charleston.

They were protesting the low wages and working conditions at the Medical College Hospital.

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In May of that year, 5,000 people from around the city and the country marched in support of these workers. State Senator Robert Ford was one of them.

"You got to have a set goal and the goal has to be serious enough for people to be willing to come out there with you for your cause," Ford said.

He said people took notice of the cause because of the protestors' persistence.

Ford also recalled the sanitation workers strike in the early 1970s and the Longshoremen's strike in 2000, each bringing thousands of supporters to the streets in support of jobs.

Ford said he thinks the latest Occupy Charleston event that begins Wednesday in Brittle Bank Park will represent a worthwhile cause, but says he's concerned it won't gain as much attention as past protests.

"You cannot do it on Brittle Bank Park. You need to be on Broad and Meeting Streets where people can see the demonstration and feel the demonstration," Ford said.

Supporters of the Occupy movement will camp out at the park for 99 hours.

"We're going to be out here in solidarity with the 99 percent of people in our country and around the world who don't have enough say in their government," Matt Rabon, Occupy Charleston supporter, said.

Supporters said even though the demonstration is at Brittle Bank, which is near Joe Riley Stadium, they're expecting 500 people and have a good reason for choosing the location.

"When we fill this park up with people, everyone is going to hear it," Rabon said.

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